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OAMRS Student Membership is

To become a Student Member you need to to complete your Student Application Form. Once you have completed your application form, please send it either by fax or email

Once your Student application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from the Membership Coordinator with your OAMRS Student Member number and password for access to the OAMRS website at which will allow you to print off your OAMRS Student Membership Card.

Your application form will then be forwarded to CAMRT for their data entry. CAMRT will also send an e-mail to you, with your CAMRT Student number and password for access to their web site at . Please note that this CAMRT Student number is the number you will use to write the CAMRT Certification Exam, and upon successfully passing the CAMRT Certification Exam will become your OAMRS and CAMRT Membership number for life. You will then use this Membership number to access both the OAMRS and CAMRT web sites.

Continuing Education

As a Student you will receive discounts on most educational programs and events!

Don't forget to check your Section for upcoming educational events!  

Please note that your Section as a Student is where your educational institute is currently located.

  • Access to Medical Radiation Technology is available through accredited training programs. Although specific entrance requirements for each Discipline may vary, all programs have combined didactic and clinical elements. Graduates of all programs write the Certification Examination of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT).

  • What Does it Mean to be a Medical Radiation Science Practitioner?

    The work of these key members of the health-care team covers a broad variety of procedures and specialties which include the operation of highly technical equipment using film or computers, to produce images of the head, chest, abdomen, spine, bones and joints for the purpose of diagnosing fractures and disease. Mammography, Angiography, Fluoroscopy and Computerized Tomography play an important role in the diagnosing and treatment of our patients.

  • The Future

    CAMRT Certification and CMRTO Registration is the beginning rather than the end of the Science Practitioner's educational experience. New and exciting techniques and more highly sophisticated types of equipment are continually being introduced. Our challenge is to meet the rapid changes in technology and patient treatment protocols through on-going development of Medical Radiation Technology.