2020 Award Recipients

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 Award Recipients were presented their awards via online video.
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We are so proud of our Award Recipients that we created a final summary of all the recipients. To see the short summary video please – CLICK HERE.

Student Award

Alanna Pullen

Alanna is a Laurentian University student (BA of Psychology Program) and a recent graduate from Cambrian College’s Medical Radiation Technology program. Alanna knew that she wanted to pursue a career in Medical Radiation Technology after her volunteering experiences. During her time volunteering, many healthcare professionals showed patients dedication, courage, compassion, confidence, and respect. By displaying exemplary qualities, they taught her how to be selfless and showed her that an act of kindness can make a difference in so many people’s lives. From there on Alanna decided to make it her goal to be a person who helps improve the quality of life for others. 

Aside from working, she enjoys volunteering within the community, traveling, horseback riding, hockey, flying, fishing, hunting, and spending time outdoors.

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Recent Graduate Award

Carmen Chan

Carmen graduated from McMaster University and Mohawk College.  She works in Radiation Therapy at the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre.  Carmen is a technically exceptional Radiation Therapist and a very hard worker, but it is the little things that she does that make her stand out.  She has devoted a lot of time and energy to invigorate the work environment in the department and increase morale.  She is known for the creative décor and volunteers for several committees including Patient Education Oversight Committee and MRT Week Committee. Carmen is a recipient of the 2019-20 Health Professions Innovation Fellowship.

When not working Carmen enjoys crafting, hiking, and snowboarding. She lives at home and has the luxury of eating her mom's home-cooked meals! This year, Carmen is challenging herself to expand her horizons and step outside her comfort zone.

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Patient Care Award

Jonathon Vairo

Jonathon Vairo works at the North Shore Health Network in Blind River.

Jon always goes the extra mile for patient comfort. He had a patient that was 85 years old and was with a daughter and the daughter asked for Jonathon because she said, "Jonathon knows how to look after my dad". Jon will often change or skips break in order to accommodate a patient.  

Jonathon always goes over and above his call of duty as a Technologist when it has to do with patient care. One example is …  “A patient was waiting for an ambulance to go back to his home but the paramedics got called out for more urgent cases. While he was here for multiple hours, Jon tried his best to take care of him. He got him the appropriate lunch (diet restrictions received from his nurse …) and took him to the toilet when required. Jon checked on him periodically in between his x-ray cases to make sure he was doing well.”  One of Jon’s coworkers said, “The patient was actually disappointed when the paramedics came to pick him up…”

Johnathon enjoys playing soccer year-round, snowboarding in the winter and cycling and swimming in the summer. He enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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Mary F. Cameron Leadership Award

James Loudon

James is the Manager, Radiation Therapy at Southlake Regional Health. He recently led two innovative projects, which required complex collaboration to develop and implement processes to improve patient access to radiation therapy.  James’ career has been motivated by a desire to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Specifically, he strives to ensure high-quality care today and even better care in the future.  To continuously improve care for patients, he actively coaches and mentors his team to complete innovative projects and push the envelope.

Colleagues highlight his ability to engage and energize a team in creative ways to make content compelling and memorable.

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Unsung Hero Award

Mark St. Denis

Mark St. Denis is an MRT(R) at University Health Network, Toronto.  One of Mark's many strengths is that his motivation is pure - he puts his all into his profession and work, not for personal gain or recognition, but because he truly is passionate about the procedures, the equipment, and the end result - taking care of patients.

Mark is involved with many initiatives that demonstrate his dedication to the profession and his leadership.  He was part of the first Canadian team to go to Tanzania through Road2IR to teach in a country with no trained IR’s.  He created a 'how I do it' video to guide the Tanzanian residents and fellows to placing PICC lines.  He maintains regular contact with the techs in Tanzania and continues to support them in terms of the use of the DSA unit and helping to navigate the procurement process so that they can order their own products.

Mark is the proud father of 2 wonderful children.  His hobbies include camping and classic cars and just relaxing with family. Mark is grateful to be an MRT and fortunate to have been given the opportunity to teach as well as learn from an amazing team in Tanzania. 

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Team Award

Left to Right
Back: Jenna Widdes MRT, Crystal Hayes MRT, Melissa Anderson MRT
Middle: Kelly Kuczak MRT, Ange Cavanagh MRT, Dr. Laura Howlett, Dr. Scott Thomson, Terri Dowling(US), Val Talbot
Front: Carol Bunn, Keelan Waechter MRT, Katja Savage MRT, Bonnie Casemore
Missing: Dr. George Saab, Angie Cormack MRT, Lisa Heipel MRT, Lenora Hills Breast Assessment Coordinator, Karen McGuire ChargeTechnologist

Grey Bruce Health Services - Breast Screening and Mammography Department 

The Mammography Team routinely meets and beats the provincial wait times for fast access to a cancer diagnosis. We have been recognized by the CCO for beating the provincial benchmark by almost 50%!  

Patients routinely comment about how efficient our program is, and how little they must wait.  With the invaluable help of Ultrasound and our dedicated Mammo Radiologists, we routinely do same-day biopsies.  We add extra shifts to keep our wait times down.  

Patient care is our top priority. To ensure great patient care we are strong supportive team players with many other departments including Ultrasound, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Surgical teams. We all have above average interpersonal communication skills.

The GGHS Breast Screening and Mammography Department is a dedicated team of Technologists and thanks to the hard work and support of both the Charge Technologist/Navigator Karen McGuire and the Breast Assessment Coordinator, Lenora Hills smoothly and effectively provide great care for our patients.

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Practitioner of the Year Award

Caitlin Gillan MRT(T) BSc MEd 

A radiation therapist by training, Caitlin is the Manager of Education and Practice for Toronto’s Joint Department of Medical Imaging between the University Health Network (UHN), Sinai Health System, and Women’s College Hospital, as well as for UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program.. She is an Assistant Professor in the UofT Department of Radiation Oncology, with research interests in interprofessional education and practice, especially as they relate to the integration of novel technologies and practice innovations.

Professionally, Caitlin has served as the Associate Director of Curriculum for the Masters in Health Science, Medical Radiation Sciences Program at UofT. She has also maintained a high level of engagement with the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists, serving a three-year term on their Board of Directors and currently helping to lead the ramping up of their Advanced Practice Registered Technologist certification process. 

She is working now to complete her doctoral studies through UofT’s Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation, focusing on how healthcare professions are considering artificial intelligence. Specifically, she is exploring how professional associations are perceiving their roles in equipping their memberships to practice in an AI-enabled environment. This includes the tone with which they are approaching AI and communicating about related advances, as well as advocacy and consideration of future collaborations, workflows, and education requirements. The technology can only be as good as the people and systems built around it, and it is slowly being recognized that providing safe and effective care in an AI world is not as simple as task-shifting compartmentalized roles from a human to machine.

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