2021 Virtual Education Summit: “Resiliency in Challenging Times: Working Through the COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond”

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has posed serious psychological challenges for frontline healthcare workers, including MRTs and DMSs in Ontario and elsewhere around the world. Research has shown that fear, stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression are prevalent among healthcare professionals who work in high-risk settings where COVID-19 threatens not only their patients’ health but their own health and that of their families as well. This special one-day virtual event will provide strategies for coping with the psychological challenges posed by COVID-19 to you and your colleagues working on the frontlines. You will hear from experts on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, and reflective practice—and connect you safely with friends and colleagues who are working at your side to care for patients—and care for you—during these critical and challenging times. 


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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Searle Schonewille

Director, Professional Services, OAMRS 


Building Resilience Through Mindfulness Skills

Session 1: Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Dr. Parmjit Singh

McMaster University / Passing Clouds Inc.

In this session, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of mindfulness and its techniques.
  • Learn the neuro-biological impact of mindfulness training on specific areas of the brain.
  • Explore the impact of mindfulness-induced brain changes on behavior patterns, habits, mental health, and resilience.

Assessing What's Valuable to Us in the Era of COVID-19

Michael Decaire, MA, CPsych, RP

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Many of us fixate on what we have lost due to the realities and restrictions of
COVID-19. In reality, many of life’s hurdles and transitions had already resulted
in changes in our day-to-day lives that mirrored the sort of losses we have
communally experienced over the last year. By exploring what it is that each of
us have actually lost, we can find new opportunities for those experiences that
will enrich our lives and help us reacquire what is truly important.


Building Resilience Through Mindfulness Skills:

Session 2: Application of Mindfulness Skills for Resilience and Recovery

Dr. Parmjit Singh

McMaster University / Passing Clouds Inc.

In this session, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore, learn, and practice mindfulness technique.
  • Cultivate skills to develop self-awareness, calmness, stress hardiness and resilience.
  • Learn skills to respond to emerging uncertainties and stresses of a pandemic in a purposeful, non-reactive and meaningful way.
  • Identify and explore ways to apply these skills in your professional roles.
  • Continue fostering mindfulness skills to develop healthier mental habits.

Resiliency in the Face of the Pandemic

Suzanne Dennison, DCS., RP, (cert) OAMHP

Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals / Cauchi Dennison Psychotherapy 

A brief look at the pandemic’s impact on healthcare professionals, where we are headed and how we get through it.

  • To review the range of different emotional responses we have had to a year in lockdown.
  • Some simple tips for staying resilient and getting by.
  • Some accessible mental health resources.


Rethinking Vaccine Hesitancy

Dr. Maya Goldenberg

University of Guelph

This talk is a philosopher’s rethinking of vaccine hesitancy, arguing that the empirical evidence has been misconstrued to support the position that scientific misinformation is the driver of vaccine hesitancy. This talk will:

  • Argue against scientific misinformation as a driver of vaccine hesitancy.
  • Connect vaccine hesitancy with broader social and political concerns including mistrust of scientific institutions and government.

Concluding Remarks

Searle Schonewille

Director, Professional Services, OAMRS


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