Awards Selection Committee


The purpose of the OAMRS Awards Committee is to review nominees and, based on the award’s criteria, select the recipient of the following OAMRS Awards:

1. Medical Radiation Science Practitioner of the Year Award
2. Mary F. Cameron Award
3. Unsung Hero Award 
4. Team Award
5. Student Award
6. Recent Graduate Award


Committee Composition and Qualifications

  1. OAMRS Director Membership and Marketing - Non-voting Chairperson
  2. 1-2 OAMRS Board members as selected by OAMRS staff (renewed annually)
  3. 5-8 Active OAMRS members 
Term of commitment to committee is three consecutive years

The call for Award Committee members will go to all OAMRS Members. Award Committee Members will be active OAMRS members and be selected by OAMRS staff consistent with the OAMRS’s mission and goals. The Award Committee will be supported by designated OAMRS staff.


  1. Committee Members are accessible by email/and phone
  2. OAMRS will supply Committee Members with information about all eligible nominees prior to the selection telconference call.  Committee Members are expectect to review all nominee information in relation to each Award's critera 
  3. Durning the selection teleconference call Committee Members are expected to express their opinion on all nominees in relationshiop with Awards criteria
  4. All information, discussion and commments during the Awards selection process are considered confidention and must not be share with anyone outside the Committee.
  5. Time Commitment: Committee Members are available to review all eligible nominee information (approximately 2-4 hours).  Meet via teleconference call in January and/or February (2-3 hours)

Conflict of Interest

  • If a Committee Members has a conflict of interest with any nominee they must state their conflict before discussion of that award begins.  Committee Members may be excused of participating in that Awards Selecction.
  • If a Committee Member is nomiated for an Award they can be excused from Committee Member duties for that year. They will have their term on the Awards Committee extended one additional year.
  • The nominee has the opportunity to decline the nomination.
  • OAMRS staff will make efforts to replace the excused Committee Member for the current year’s selection duties.

This is an uppaid voluntary position for OAMRS Members. Expenses incurred while fulfilling Award Committee business will be reimbursed in accordance with the OAMRS Financial Policy.
Awards Selection Committee members will be invited to the OAMRS Award Gala.

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