The benefits of becoming an OAMRS member

There's never been a better time to be an OAMRS member. Healthcare in this province is about to change - for the better - and MRTs and DMSs have an opportunity to be at the forefront of that change. The pandemic taught us how important it is to support one another and rally behind our profession. And now, it's our time to share the important role that we play every day in the healthcare system and the lives of Ontario patients. 

Be a part of the exciting changes ahead of the profession and get involved now! Read below about the 12 reasons to become a member or click here for a quick overview on the benefits of being an OAMRS member. 

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Become an MRT member
Become a DMS (sonography) member

Access to industry-leading professional liability insurance (PLI)

PLI is mandatory to practise in Ontario, and the insurance offered through OAMRS is renowned as one of the most comprehensive coverages in the industry. Many professionals believe that they are insured through their employer or union, but this is not always the case, or not as comprehensive as you might require. Not all PLI is the same. OAMRS offers the best insurance in the business that protects you and your personal assets (house, car, savings, wages, etc.) against any claims…even if the claims are not true.  Even supervisors, educators and corporate sales professionals in the profession of medical radiation sciences need PLI.  Learn more about who needs PLI.

MRT PLI - Learn more
Sonographer PLI - Learn more
Electroneurophysiology Technologist PLI- Learn more 

Free and discounted continuing education offerings

OAMRS members enjoy access to free and discounted education including webinars, online courses and certificate programs and more to help you fulfil your education credit required by the College.   

Education at OAMRS
Education at CAMRT* 

Volunteer opportunities to elevate your career

Get involved with your profession and be the change that you want to see by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities to participate at different levels of your organization.

Volunteer opportunities at OAMRS
Volunteer opportunities at CAMRT*

Connections with thousands of colleagues

OAMRS connects you locally with seven chapters across Ontario and more than 5,000+ of your colleagues. Get involved in Chapter events and Education Days and earn credits, make friends and have some fun!  

Learn about OAMRS chapters

Student memberships

Some things in life are free! Jumpstart your career with a student OAMRS membership.  Connect with potential employers, colleagues, learn about your profession and have some fun!

Learn more about student memberships

Group discounts

OAMRS has negotiated exclusive discounts available to members only. See below for more details.

*For MRT Practicing and MRT Non-Practising members only. These memberships are combined with CAMRT.

Professional practice support

OAMRS provides support for your most pressing questions in real-time. Connect with our subject matter experts who will help navigate your questions and provide you with answers to help guide your decisions. CAMRT members can check out their online Best Practice Guidelines to provide you with the most common professional practice queries received.

Protection and promotion of the medical radiation sciences profession with the provincial government

Health care is provincial. This means that the decisions that are made about your profession are determined at the provincial level. OAMRS is the registered lobbyist for the profession in Ontario, amplifying your voice on the issues that matter the most to you and your profession. For MRT members, CAMRT also represents the profession at the national level.

Learn more about OAMRS advocacy

Opportunity for recognition

Every year, we celebrate the best of the profession and come together to recognize the members who are making a difference in the profession, the healthcare system and the lives of their patients. 

OAMRS awards
CAMRT awards*

Updates on the profession through regular communications

Get weekly industry updates and the latest education programs from OAMRS' online newsletters and broadcasts. CAMRT members receive a subscription to the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences (JMIRS).

Access to employment opportunities

Access online job banks where members can apply for job postings from employers who are seeking the brightest in the profession.

OAMRS Job Board
CAMRT Job Board*

Access to leadership opportunities

OAMRS members are invited to participate in the annual Leadership Development Day where select members are invited to hear from academic subject matter experts on topics that are changing the profession.

Learn about OAMRS' Leadership Development Day
Learn about CAMRT's Leadership Development Institute


*CAMRT benefits are available to MRT members as part of their membership offerings.


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