Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

What OAMRS is Doing

OAMRS is supporting public health recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have implemented a work at home plan for all employees commencing Monday, March 16. We are available to serve members Monday-Friday 10 am-5 pm.

Temporary Pandemic Pay

On April 25th, the Ontario government recognized frontline healthcare workers with a temporary pandemic pay (TPP) that did not include MRTs and DMSs. This has caused a wave of frustration, anger, anxiety and disparity among all of us. To not be recognized in this manner, while recognizing others that we work side by side with every day as part of the broader healthcare team is hurtful, insulting and very discouraging. OAMRS is working tirelessly to get this issue resolved one way or the other. To read the latest TPP update from OAMRS President and CEO see News and Updates column on right side of this page.

Here is a short list of what OAMRS is doing to get the recognition Ontario MRTs/DMSs deserve:
  • Sent formal letters to Premier Doug Ford
  • On the record questions to Ministry of Health (EOD)
  • Public campaign - TV/radio interviews
  • Public campaign - Press Release sent through Canada Newswire
  • Public campaign - Thank-you MRT/DMS video
  • Letter writing campaign - created template
  • Public petition
  • Support and attend workplace demonstrations

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Availability continues to be a major concern for your personal safety during your patient interactions. OAMRS continues to lobbying the Ontario government to ensure a sustainable supply chain for PPEs and working with our Allied Health Professional colleagues to share information and resources.

OAMRS Position Statements

  • We support the Ontario governments recommendation that all elective surgeries and procedures be cancelled and rescheduled to a later date (this includes DI procedures). It is the responsibility of your facilities to determine which procedures are ‘elective’ and ‘non-elective’ based on each respective clinical criterion and protocoling policies
  • Mobile x-ray exams for infected or suspected infected patients: Our position on this question is that, if possible, it would be ideal if two MRTs conduct mobile exams in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency (ER) and other high-risk acute care areas. Use of two MRTs for these higher risk exams will help ensure adequate patient care is delivered and contamination/decontamination of equipment is managed effectively. Where this is not possible, assistance from Nursing or Physician staff in the immediate area should be requested at the discretion of and direction of the MRT.

OAMRS Media Presence

OARMS is bringing the fight for Temporary Pandemic Pay (TPP) to the public.  Here are a few media interview we have done - MORE INFO

Thank-you video for Ontario MRTs/DMSs - Click here to view

Watch Deepak Anand, MPP Thank you video - Click here 

News & Updates

COVID-19 Vaccination Update  (April 6, 2021)

COVID 19 Vaccinations Update (Feb 24 2021)

Ministry of Health:  Guidance for Prioritizing Health Care Workers for COVID-19 Vaccination (January 11, 2021)

COVID-19 Vaccination Update
 (January 7, 2021)

Position statement on COVID-19 Vaccinations - IHF (January 6, 2021)

Position Statement: Access to COVID-19 Vaccinations (January 6, 2021)

Awareness survey results

Pandemic Pay Eligibility - MRTs/DMSs not included (May 27, 2020)

No Recognition. Here's a Solution from member, Janet Reid. Click here 

Sign the Petition to get Respect - Pandemic Pay - Click here

Contact your MPP by email and/or telephone - Click here for the easy to use letter template and instructions

Ontario Government announces pandemic pay
The Ontario Government announces a “pandemic pay” increase for front line workers.  Unfortunately, MRTs/DMSs are not included on the list. Rest assured OAMRS is lobbying on your behalf to get MRTs/DMSs included.

OAMRS letter to Premier Ford April 27, 2020
OAMRS letter to Premier Ford  May 28, 2020
OAMRS letter to Deputy Minister, Helen Angus May 28, 2020
OAMRS letter to Assistant Deputy Minister, Michael Hillmer June 25, 2020

Update from OAMRS President & CEO – Greg Toffner

NEW  October 20, 2020
June 25, 2020

June 08, 2020
June 03, 2020
May 13, 2020
May 05, 2020

April 14, 2020

April 02, 2020
March 24, 2020


  • Websites created for COVID-19 that act as a portal for trusted and legitimate information and resources;

Resources suggested by Members

  • Global radiation oncology’s targeted response for pandemic preparedness – click here.  Thanks L.J.
  • No Recognition. Here's a Solution from member, Janet Reid. Click here 
Education & Event

  • Virtual Education Summit. Synergy Through Collaboration (May 2): It was a record-breaking success. 700+ attendees, 8+ speakers, 6.6 CE credits. Free admission was made possible through a grant by Siemens Healthineers 
  • Annual General Meeting:  Virtual. More information coming shortly
  • MRI Safety Symposium - Postponed - Stay tuned for more information
  • Webinar Wednsday (June 10) - How Different is Diagnostic Imaging in Africa? LEARN MORE
  • All Other Events: We are optimistic this will be a temporary situation and all OAMRS events will proceed as planned. 

Synergy through Connection. Virtual Education Summit

The Summit was held on Saturday May 02.  Over 600 MRTs/DMSs from across Canada attended and listened to 8+ inspiring speakers.  Here are just a few of the hundreds of messages we recieved.

"awesome job of presenting relevant topics that helped to promote a feeling of togetherness during these unprecedented times" IM Oakville

"wonderful summit" RDS. from Grand Falls, NB

"Thanks for the great speakers, I really enjoyed & benefited from Synergy through Connection online! Please continue to offer live-streams of future events!" Andrea Toronto

"Very motivational and informative!" JP  Parry Sound

"Excellent speakers." YS Ingersoll

"great way to stay connected and learn about topics vital to my profession.An overall well planned day!" MD Toronto

Yoga Flow with Lori

Every Thursday join Lori for a FREE MRT and DMS focused yoga flow. During these sessions, you will flow through different styles of yoga, pranayama, and meditation to help find balance during this pandemic. 

Yoga Flow is on Summer Break - returning Fall 2020

Temporary Membership

OAMRS is proud to offer free membership to DMS/MRT practitioners returning from retirement to help in the fight against the pandemic.  Working with CAMRT, our Temporary Membership - COVID-19 includes PLI.  

OAMRS Office Hours

OAMRS is supporting public health recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have implemented a work at home plan for all employees commencing Monday, March 16. We are available to serve members Monday-Friday 10 am-5 pm.  1-888-387-4674,

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