2022 Leadership Dev Day - Acceptance Required to Attend

**You must be accepted to attend this program** This year's Leadership Development Day returns to in-person and focuses on Leading with Resiliency as presented by behavioural specialist from Rzultz Consulting, Monique Armstrong.


*Please  note that you must be accepted to attend this program. You must register to be considered for the program.*

Ultimately, a team’s success is determined by its staying power, rather than its singular goal achievement. Think dynasty rather than one-time victory. A crucial ingredient in long term success goes by many names –resilience, sandpaper, even grit. And it is crucial because the ever-changing work landscape provides multiple crises and potential team breaking setbacks, and many opportunities that resilient teams will seize and use to launch further success. Want your team to be resilient? Then get your grit on.

This session is designed for open minded and forward-thinking leaders who are seeking an understanding of the psychological principles behind, and the practical and proven tools used, to realize team resilience.

By the end of this experiential workshop, participants will:

  • Understand what resilience is, what characterizes resilient teams, and what great leaders can do to gain grit.
  • Discover the four key elements of resilience, the three vital team protective factors and a user-friendly framework to assess and improve your team’s resilience.
  • Learn how to use science based best practice strategies, tools and tactics to help your team adapt and bounce back.
  • Conduct a team resilience audit and identify risks and opportunities.

Key outcomes of this program:

  • Understand what brain science tells us about team disruption, energy and setbacks.
  • Use practical tips and techniques to help their team cope with disruption and sustain energy.
  • Recognize their personal impact on their team’s resilience.
  • Better understand their team’s resilience gaps and opportunities to improve.

Program Faculty: Monique Armstrong
A behavioural specialist, and published author of a lifestyle book for working parents, “Balance is Bogus”, Monique Armstrong leads Rzultz Consulting’s leadership and management development mandate. Working with countless clients and professionals across North America, Monique helps leaders and teams better understand their needs and improve their practices with the goal of achieving their desired results. A highly skilled, energetic and compelling facilitator, Monique designs, develops and supports the roll out of leadership and management improvement strategies as well as various organizational management practices designed to improve team and company results.

11/18/2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
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