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OAMRS Educational Webinar: Missing Pieces
When it comes to successful Indigenous engagement, Canadians are at a disadvantage. There are "missing pieces" to their education,  things they were not taught that could make respectful interaction so much easier. In this presentation, Indigenous/Canadian Reconciliation Guide, Sandi Boucher, shares some of those essential "missing pieces".

When: June 14, 2023
Telerobotic Sonography: An Option for the Future?
This presentation will focus on the the experience of healthcare workers in Saskatchewan using a novel telerobotic sonography technology. The comparison to standard sonography and the technical and logistic issues of deploying robotic ultrasonography in Saskatchewan will be discussed. In addition, the Saskatchewan Virtual Health Hub that includes virtual medical care and diagnostic technology will be... Details
When: June 28, 2023
Queen's Park Lobby Day | November 2, 2023
OAMRS Queen’s Park Lobby Day is your opportunity to join OAMRS leadership and meet with government representatives and leaders to discuss the issues that are of vital importance to our membership and our profession in Ontario.

When: November 2, 2023
Where: Toronto, ON